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Shuobuo Translation assures confidentiality of every document that we handle, especially for customers who have such requirement. We ensure the privacy of your files and only allow the relevant personnel to deal with them. We have undertaken many translation cases protected by a confidentiality contract and won the customers' trust with our professional translation quality and business ethics.

All files entrusted by individuals or public and private units are dealt with in a confidential manner. They will be destroyed after translation without leaving backups. In this way, we not only protect our customers' interests, but also follow the Data Protection Act to respect and protect the customers' privacy.

Shuobuo Translation makes it a standard to have its translators sign a confidentiality agreement. It not only protects both parties' rights and interests, but also abides by Intellectual Property Laws and Trade Secret to further guarantee respect for customers' rights. If you have any worry, you can sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us to further protect your rights. Don't hesitate, we are sincere and happy to provide you with our service!

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